Traditional Cumberland Sausage Plumgarths Butchers TRADITIONAL CUMBERLAND SAUSAGE

We are very proud of our Cumberland sausage made to our butchers’ own secret recipe. It’s sold in a coil in the true tradition of Cumberland sausage and is the first and only sausage to have “Protected Geographical Indication” (PGI), which states authentic Cumberland sausages can only be produced in Cumbria.

Cumberland sausage has a predominately spiced & pepper taste but is great served both hot as bangers & mash, or cold in a summer salad.                                     £7.25/Kg

Why not send us a photo your favourite Cumberland dish and well post them on our blog?

Pork Sausage Plumgarths FarmshopPORK SAUSAGE

A thinner sausage, our pork sausage is more lightly seasoned than our Cumberland and is a great favourite with kids and adults alike. All our sausages are suitable for home freezing.


Pork & Black Pudding Sausage Plumgarths ButchersPORK & BLACK PUDDING SAUSAGE

Our pork sausage is mixed with generous chunks of black pudding and has become one of our best selling speciality sausages.


Pork Stilton Sausage Plumgarths ButchersPORK & STILTON SAUSAGE

Our own pork sausage mixed with Stilton cheese. As it cooks the Stilton melts and oozes into the pork meat giving it a real cheesy flavour. This sausage is a great twist on the Bangers & Mash classic.


Cumberland Cranberry sausage Plumgarths ButchersCUMBERLAND & CRANBERRY SAUSAGE

Using our award winning Cumberland Sausage meat we then add generous handfuls of whole cranberries, this gives it a sweetness that helps take the edge of the spice and pepper of Cumberland without compromising on its taste.


Cumberland Chilli sausage Plumgarths ButchersCUMBERLAND & FRESH CHILLI SAUSAGE

Not for the faint hearted, this sausage really is a chilli lover’s must. Turning up the heat on our Cumberland by adding freshly chopped red & green jalapenos, you just don’t know how hot your next mouthful will be – try them if you dare!