· The Butchers ·

We take great pride in supporting our local farmers, buying the majority of our meat from small scale farms in the surrounding fells and dales.

The animals are taken to a small local abatoir (only 7 miles away) which has been run by the same family for over 175 years. This helps keep down the mileage before slaughtering and is important for the welfare of the animals and for the quality of the meat; stress in transit builds up in their muscles, which is reflected in the quality of the meat when butchered.

Our animals are delivered to the farmshop to be hung on the hoof until they are ready for butchering. Everything, from sausages to burgers to joints, is butchered on site by one of our time served butchers, which means we have complete control over everything we sell.

Take for instance our award winning sausages, which are made in small batches so that we can keep a close eye on consistency and quality, the meat is filled in to natural casings and then the sausages are hand tied in the traditional way. All of our delicious burgers are hand made too.

If you’d like to order any meat please phone the farm shop and we’ll be happy to help (01539 736300).