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We've listed the most regularly requested meat packs, butchers counter choices and sweet treats to make ordering from us quicker for you. This is only a fraction of what's available in our family-run farm shop so you're very welcome to ask us to add fresh fruit and veg, dairy produce, and cupboard items to your order when we call you to arrange payment.

The order process:
1. Please order 24-48 hours in advance of collection
2. When we receive your order, we will calculate the total and call you to take payment.
3. We'll prepare your order immediately ahead of your chosen collection time and date.
4. When you collect, we will bring your order out and pop it into the car boot for you. There’s no need to come inside the farm shop.

We can only offer a delivery service to people in Kendal, Windermere and the immediate area who are unable to come to us. We don't have vans or a delivery service normally, but we are doing what we can to help people out.

We are open Monday-Saturday, 8.30am-5pm. Orders received on a Sunday will be processed on a Monday.

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Collection is available between 11.30am and 4pm, Monday to Saturday

Collection is available between 11.30am and 4pm, Monday to Saturday

Meat packs

Meat for a week (family) 680g Minced Beef, 680g Stewing Steak, 4 Chicken fillets, 4 Beef Burgers, 8 Thick Pork Sausages, 4 Gammon Steaks, 1 Whole Chicken Price: £35.00
Meat for the week (couple)
340g Minced Beef, 340g Stewing Steak, 2 Chicken fillets, 2 Beef Burgers, 8 Thin Pork Sausages, 2 Gammon Steaks, 2 Pork Steaks
Price: £17.50
Slimmers pack
500g Lean Minced Beef, 2 Maple Gammon Loins, 500g Stir-fry, 2 Chicken Fillets, 400g Marinated Chicken Goujons, 2 4oz Chicken Burgers, 6 Large Free Range Eggs
Price: £20
Mega value pack
1.4kg Minced Beef, 1.4kg Stewing Steak, 20 Chicken fillets, 1.5kg Dry Cured Back Bacon, 30 Thick Pork Sausages
Price: £65
BBQ pack
10 Beef Burgers, 20 Thick Pork Sausages, 10 Chicken Goujons (marinated 2 flavours)
Price: £22
Protein pack
20 Chicken fillets, 1.4kg Rump Steaks, 30 Large Free Range Eggs
Price: £50
Big breakfast pack Large Black Pudding, 6 Rashers Back Bacon, 6 Rashers Smoked Back Bacon, 6 Thick Pork Sausages, 6 Thick Cumberland Sausages, 6 Large Free Range Eggs, 6 Tomatoes, 12 Mushrooms, 1 Pint of Orange Juice
Price: £23

Kilo packs

1kg Braising steak
Price: £9.95
1kg Sirloin steak
Price: £22
1kg Stewing steak
Price: £9.50
1kg Rump steak
Price: £13
1kg Minced steak
Price: £7.95


5kg Chicken fillets
Price: £24.95
5 x 2 Packs of chicken fillets
Price: £15.75
3 x 2 Packs of chicken fillets
Price: £10.00

Plumgarths sausages, 2kg packs

Thick Cumberland, 2kg
Price: £10.60
Thin Cumberland, 2kg
Price: £10.60
Thick pork, 2kg
Price: £10.60
Thin pork, 2kg
Price: £10.60
Traditional Cumberland whirl, 2kg
Price: £12.00

3 for £10 offer

All of the products in this section can be ordered individually or mixed and matched as part of our popular 3 for £10 offer. If purchased individually they will be priced by weight for you.

Pack of two chicken fillets
Pack of lamb Henry (individual, marinated)
Pack of four beef burgers
Pack of four chicken burgers
Pack of back bacon
Pack of smoked back bacon
Pack of two gammon steaks
Pack of two pork loin steaks
Pack of thick Cumberland sausage
Pack of thin Cumberland sausage
Pack of thick pork sausage
Pack of thin pork sausage

Frozen pies, family & individual

Family steak pie
Price: £6.50
Family mince & onion pie
Price: £6.50
Family meat & potato pie
Price: £6.50
Family cheese & onion pie
Price: £6.50
Family chicken & mushroom pie
Price: £6.50
2lb pork pie
Price: £8.99
4 pack individual pork pies
Price: £6.40
1lb pork pie
Price: £4.60
2 pack individual steak pies
Price: £3.40
2 pack individual cheese & onion pies
Price: £3.40
2 pack individual meat & potato pies
Price: £3.40
2 pack individual Cornish pasties
Price: £3.40


Cartmel Farm Foods Damson Ketchup, 250ml, £3.55
Cartmel Farm Foods Damson & Chilli Ketchup, 250ml, £3.55

Five A Day Boxes

Boxes of fruit, salad and vegetable goodness. Contents occasionally vary - should anything not be available due to seasonality or demand, we always make up the value with other produce.

Fruit Box
6 apples, 6 oranges, 4 lemons, 1kg bananas, 500g pears and a punnet of grapes
Price: £12.00
Salad Box
Lettuce, cucumber, cooked beetroot, bag of rocket, bunch of spring onions, 500g tomatoes, 2 peppers and 4 red onions
Price: £10
Vegetable Box
1kg carrots, 500g parsnips, 500g onions, 500g broccoli, 1 cauliflower, 500g mushrooms, 500g leeks, 500g courgettes and 2.5kg potatoes
Price: £15

Local, free range eggs

Our delicious eggs are from our family farm at Low Foulshaw, Geldard Farm eggs. Look out for double yolkers in the XL size! The duck eggs are from the Khaki Campbell ducks at the Docker Duck Egg Co, they dabble in meadows overlooking the Lakeland and Howgill Fells.

Extra large eggs, half dozen
Price: £1.60
Extra large eggs, tray of 20
Price: £5.00
Large eggs, half dozen
Price: £1.25
Duck eggs, half dozen
Price: £2.75

Cakes & biscuits

Grandma Wild's salted caramel cake, £3.60
Grandma Wild's lemon cake, £3.60
Grandma Wild's stem ginger cake, £3.60
Grandma Wild's farmhouse fruit cake, £3.60
Grandma Wild's chunky double chocolate chip biscuits, £2.25
Grandma Wild's shortbread biscuits, £2.25
Grandma Wild's rhubarb crumbles, £2.25
Elizabeth Botham's plum bread, £1.95
Elizabeth Botham's Yorkshire brack, £2.70
Elizabeth Botham's date & walnut cake, £3.30
Elizabeth Botham's fruit cake, £3.50
Coolmore's chocolate and orange cake, 400g, £2.99
Coolmore's double chocolate fudge cake, 400g, £2.99
Coolmore's coffee and walnut cake, 400g, £2.99
Coolmore's carrot cake, 400g, £2.99
Coolmore's lemon cake, 400g, £2.99
Coolmore's toffee cake, 400g, £2.99
Coolmore's red velvet cake, 400g, £2.99

Ice cream

1l English Lakes ice cream, vanilla lite, £4.35 (suitable for diabetics)
1l English Lakes ice cream, vanilla, £3.49
1l English Lakes ice cream, double jersey, £3.90
1l English Lakes ice cream, apple crumble, £5.20
temporarily out of stock
1l English Lakes ice cream, raspberry pavlova, £5.20
1l English Lakes ice cream, cappuccino, £5.20
1l English Lakes ice cream, plum & damson, £5.20
1l English Lakes ice cream, lemon burst, £5.20
1l English Lakes ice cream, blackcurrants & cream, £5.20
1l English Lakes ice cream, mint choc chip, £5.20
1l English Lakes ice cream, strawberry, £5.20
1l English Lakes ice cream, salted liquorice, £5.20
1l English Lakes ice cream, death by chocolate, £5.20
1l English Lakes ice cream, raspberry ripple, £5.20
1l English Lakes ice cream, cool Britannia (bubble gum), £3.25
1l English Lakes ice cream, rum & raisin, £5.20
1l English Lakes ice cream, toffee fudge, £5.20
2l English Lakes ice cream, vanilla, £4.85
2l English Lakes ice cream, double jersey, £7.20
4l English Lakes ice cream, vanilla, £8.90
4l English Lakes ice cream, double jersey, £13.60


Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding, 250g, £3.50
Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding, 390g, £4.95
Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding, 730g, £8.50
Cartmel Sticky Toffee Sauce, 170g, £2.25
Cartmel Sticky Toffee Sauce, 340g, £4.50


Ferratti, Pinot Grigio £7.20  
Waverider, Sauvignon Blanc £9.45  
Don't Tell Gary, Shiraz £11.95
Trevisana, Prosecco £10.95


Hawkshead Brewery, Lakeland Gold, £2.90
Hawkshead Brewery, Hawkshead Red, £2.90
Hawkshead Brewery, Windermere Pale Ale, £2.90
Hawkshead Brewery, Brodies Prime, £2.90
Hesket Newmarket Brewery, Scafell Blonde, £2.90
Hesket Newmarket Brewery, Old Carrock, £2.90
Hesket Newmarket Brewery, Catbells Pale Ale, £2.80
Hesket Newmarket Brewery, Haystacks, £2.90
Hesket Newmarket Brewery, High Pike, £2.90
Hesket Newmarket Brewery, Brim Fell, £2.90
Tractor Shed, Whistling Pig Pilsner £2.50
Tractor Shed, Heifer Hefe £2.50
Tractor Shed, Clocker Stout £2.50
Tractor Shed, Jinny Howelt Helles £2.50
Tractor Shed, Mowdy Pale Ale £2.50


Lakeland Rhubarb & Ginger Gin (500ml) £18.95
Lakeland Damson Gin (500ml) £18.95


Lakeland Sloe Gin (500ml) £18.95
Lakeland Herbaceous Gin (500ml) £18.95
Lakeland Mulled Fruit Gin (500ml) £18.95
Herdwick Brambleberry Gin (200ml) £11.95


Lakes Gingerbread Vodka (500ml) £22.95
Lakes Gingerbread Vodka (200ml) £11.95
Kin Toffee Vodka (200ml) £11.95


Sticky Toffee Rum (500ml) £22.95
Sticky Toffee Rum (200ml) £11.95